Lesson 2 - Logging in and your first look at the student dashboard

After you purchase a course with us you will receive an email. It will be from Mahjong Party and the subject line will be Redeem your copy of The Full Course.

The email will have our logo on it and at the bottom will ask you to confirm your email.

You will then be taken to the confirmation page. Here your email and name will be filled out already so if they are correct then move on to the password section. Create a password that is at least 6 characters in length. Then hit the Continue button.

You will then be brought into your student dashboard. You can see you are in your dashboard when you see the profile pic placeholder in the top right corner. You will see All Products, the course you purchased and 0% complete.

You can also click on Courses which will show you a page that says Purchased Products with the course you purchased.

Here is what our log in button looks like:

You are now set up as a student! The next lessons will tell you what to expect and how to maneouvre within your student dashboard and lessons.

If you have any problems logging in, here is the Teachable guide to logging in to the platform. These guides were created by Teachable so they do not contain pictures of our school but are good breakdowns of how to navigate your course. Click on this link to read about logging in to the platform if you need help logging in: Logging In

When you want to log in again in the future you can go to the main page and log in there: https://www.themahjongparty.school/

Here is what the home page of the school looks like and where the log in button is:


Your log in screen may look different after you register if you are using the email asking you to redeem the copy of your course. It will state you already confirmed your email, it will then advise you to log in to the school with your registered credentials. It may then bring you to a log in page. The log in page is not the same as your student dashboard. Take a look at the picture below, this is the log in page. You can tell what it is by looking for the log in button on the top left, and the products pages will show prices.

If you land on this page, just enter in your log in credentials and you will get back into your student dashboard. You can also log in to the main home page which is at https://www.themahjongparty.school/

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