Lesson 6 - Video Settings

Step 2. Read about this Optional Choice for Note Taking


There is a technical way to make notes within a video. If you are not comfortable with technology, perhaps skip this aspect. This is a pretty technical way to make notes on the course. It may be easier for you to just write in a journal separately if you want to make notes.

For video files, you can take private notes directly in the video player. These notes are only visible to the person who wrote them and are not shareable or downloadable at this time.

To turn on notes and see them directly in the video player:

1.   Click the Personal Notes icon and toggle On.

2.   Type your note under Personal Notes and click the Send button.

The note will appear as an annotation within the video’s timeline. To view your annotation, you will need to hover your cursor over the video and it will show a blue line at the spot of the annotation and show you your comment in the lower left of the video.

Here is a video example of how to use this personal note feature:

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