Lesson 5 - Navigating through Lessons


There are several ways you can navigate through a course. One way to start viewing a lecture is to click on the Start Lesson button at the top of the course curriculum. This will take you to the next uncompleted lecture in the course.

Alternatively, you can click the Start button next to each individual lecture to view them.


If a section of your course is marked with a clock icon, then the section has not been released yet. Modules are open at different intervals as you progress. Mahjong is a very complex game, we want you to be able to get a foot hold on certain elements before learning about others. There are many people and resources that teach mahjong yet many students often can not retain the information or forgot some key elements in favour of information that may not help their game. We find that by reducing mahjong to key elements and then spacing out those elements, our students can retain what they learn and learn elements more quickly.

When there is a clock icon, it will state when it will be released. You will also get an email announcing when the next module opens up. The entire module with all lessons will open up at a set time.


There may be more than one item to view in your lesson. Lessons may include PDFs, videos, graphs or charts, text to read, or a combination of these elements. If there is more than one teaching method used in the lesson, we label each item as a step. For instance, it will state Step 1: Watch this Video. Below the video, take a look for Step 2. There are often PDF transcripts as the Step 2 as a review of the video. The PDF transcript is the same material as the video and is provided so you can easily scroll through the PDF to look at any elements of the lesson. You are able to access any lessons you finished as many times as you like. Often, the PDF transcripts are a great way to review the lessons when going back to review certain parts of the course.


When you finish a lesson, go to the button on the top right corner and click Complete and Continue.

Here is a picture of the button:

Complete and Continue